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Nafplio: A wonderful city

Nafplio is one of the most beloved cities of Greek and foreign visitors. It is a romantic and picturesque city, with Venetian architecture. It is an ideal choice for a short getaway since it is only 2 hours away from Athens by car. Furthermore, it is suitable for longer vacations, since both in Nafplio but in the surrounding areas there is so much to see or to do! Take a tour in the lovely old town, go cycling or enjoy relaxing moments on the nearby beaches. Explore the museums or the churches and learn about Nafplio’s history. At Liberty, we organize tasting sessions and cooking lessons upon request, for those who would like to know more about the local gastronomy.


Nafplio is an ideal choice for those who love walking! All the sights and points of interest, especially in the city’s historic center, are within walking distance from the hotel! At Liberty, we organize guided tours for all visitors who want to explore every corner of Nafplio as if they were locals! Contact us for more information.


Cycling lovers will be excited in Nafplio! You can make endless bike rides through the city, as the alleys and sidewalks facilitate the activity. If you are familiar with cycling, you can choose a short route outside Nafplio. Bicycles are available for rent in various parts of the city. In our hotel, bicycle rental service is also available, upon request.

Food Tasting & Cooking Lessons

We love gastronomy at Liberty! That’s why we organize tasting sessions for all visitors who want to know the secrets of the local products. Wine, olive oil or food tastings are available upon request. Cooking lessons are also available for those who want to try a different experience and learn new, delicious recipes.


Nafplio carries a great history behind it, which you can admire in the interesting museums that exist there. There are seven public and private museums in the city and each one is related to a different sector. More specifically in Nafplio there are: The Archaeological Museum, the War Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Ecclesiastical Museum. There are also: The Child Awareness Museum, the Distillery Museum, the Motor Vehicle Museum and the Chaplet Museum.


In Nafplio, as in most places on the country, there are countless churches and temples. It is worth visiting the Church of Agios Nikolaos in the port, the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios, or the Church of Agios Spyridon. The Church of Agios Spyridon is an attraction for another reason. Ioannis Kapodistrias was killed in 1831 in the Church’s courtyard. Next to the entrance of the Church is the bullet’s mark that is responsible for his death.


In Nafplio, but also close to the city, there are wonderful beaches for all tastes. In the area you can find organized beaches, more quite ones, suitable for families with children, or for couples. We suggest Arvanitia which is located in Nafplio, but also Karathona, which is the closest beach to the city. Vivari, Kandia, Kondili and Tolo, are some of the beaches that are also worth visiting.

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